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Three months late, I decided it was finally time to share our courtyard reveal. The reason for the delay? I was waiting for my roses to flourish, and well, that never happened.

Before our outdoor life abruptly changes to an indoor existence, I wanted to share where things stand. The courtyard has become endlessly more enjoyable since we removed the grass and replaced it with pea stone. It's less buggy and requires near zero maintenance.

Catch up on Phase One of this series where I explained how we installed the pea stone and the garden beds.

I looked long and hard for outdoor furniture that was attractive and affordable. It was hard for me to justify spending a lot of money on items that live outside. I found these couches and was intrigued by the look and the depth. Often, outdoor furniture can be small, and I know I wanted a lounge-worthy sofa.

It was not the easiest thing to assemble, but it was worth it. Thrilled with the quality and comfort of the couch, I ordered another one shortly after. I originally planned to have only one sofa and two chairs, but that plan changed to two chairs and two couches.

The couch is so wide that you can actually use it as a lounger. I'll often move a back cushion parallel with the arm so I can fully recline in comfort. Unfortunately, the couch is currently out of stock, probably because no one is buying outdoor furniture in October! However, World Market tends to bring back seasonal furniture from the previous year.

I was also pleasantly surprised with the lounge chairs! I had low expectations because the price was so reasonable, but they had great reviews, so I went ahead and ordered them. Everyone who sits on them comments on how comfortable they are. The only minor issue with the chairs is that the cushion covers are not removable. However, you should be able to throw the entire cushion in the wash or spot clean them as needed.

The coffee table was a recent IKEA purchase. I like the shape, the fact that the top has holes in it, and the price. I styled the table with herbs from the garden, wine, and a candle from my favorite new brand, Deve-Avere.

My dad and I built the table in the dining area. We used salvaged cedar planks from a fence we took down. The base is a kit from Etsy. The chairs are from craigslist. I like the way the chairs look, but we may upgrade them next season for something a little more comfortable.

To complete the space, we added outdoor string lights overhead. I have them on a timer, so they automatically come on every night and illuminate the courtyard.

This entire transformation, including the install of the garden beds, pea gravel, and all of the outdoor furniture came in under $2000. I hope this project has inspired you to take on something big outside next year!




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