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Mirabel’s Nursery (Two Years Later...)

A week after my daughter's second birthday, as a new shipment of wallpaper crosses the Atlantic for baby number two's nursery, it only seemed fitting to share some pictures of Mirabel's room.

The nursery faces east and is filled with brilliant light in the morning, especially in winter and spring, before the trees leaf out. In the evenings, it is set aglow as the sun streams through our westward-facing primary bedroom across the hall.

After an exhaustive search for the perfect wallpaper and almost settling on something different, Barneby Gates released my dream paper. My mom hand-painted the Clé tiles surrounding the mantel my dad built. Behind the door, my dad and I constructed a slim bookcase. I'll create something similar for baby two and share a proper tutorial, as it has been a clever solution that I believe many could benefit from. You may remember that I wallpapered the nursery during my third trimester of pregnancy; this time around, I've decided to hire out the project.

Almost everything in the room is antique, vintage, or second-hand, but I've tried my best to link sources where I can. Please let me know if you have any questions!



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