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As a guest participant of the One Room Challenge last year, who became a featured participant of the ORC this year, I wanted to give a little extra love to all of the guest participants that might not have got the amount of exposure they deserved! I went through all 243 guest participants and picked out a few favorites to share with you! Take a look at these transformations and join me in congratulating them on their stunning new rooms!

The Sweet Beast: GUEST BEDROOM Emily's home is all around gorgeous, and her photography makes it shine. Did you see her ORC week five post where she shared her tips on how to photograph interiors in the best way? I ate that one up!

HIGHLIGHTS: Room color, bed styling, color palette, bedside lamps, The crazy before and afters!

Room For Tuesday: LAUNDRY ROOM I was lucky to meet Sarah last December, and ever since then, I can't get enough of her blog. I appreciate her laundry room because she customized it to make room for her dogs! Some people might think this isn't a great investment as the dog cage is custom, but I'm 100% on board. One could easily replace the dog crate with cabinets if they didn't need it. Bravo for doing YOU in a bold, understandable way.

HIGHLIGHTS: dog portraits she painted! built-in dog crates, backsplash, black doors.

ERIN KESTENBAUM: MASTER BATHROOM I’ve been following Erin’s home renovation for a long time. She’s meticulously transforming each room in her home, and scoring so much goodness from Craigslist. I told Erin to quit her day job and become a full-time bathroom designer because she's THAT good. Did you see her ORC bathroom from last fall?

HIGHLIGHTS: SHOWER, SHOWER, SHOWER!!! Tile choice, floating bench, brass fixtures, pencil molding, EV-EREY-THING. I'm also obsessed with how the panel molding echoes the pencil molding in the shower.

THE RATH PROJECT: SON'S BEDROOM Diane Rath is a crusader in renovating and redecorating. Every day, the full-time interior designer is shaking things up in her home by moving furniture from one room to the next. She scores nearly everything at thrift stores, auctions and on Craigslist (do you see a theme here?) She took on not one, but two rooms! I'll focus on Balthazar's room!

HIGHLIGHTS: The thoughtful functionality of this bedroom strikes me. Diane carefully planned out different zones in Zar's room for him to enjoy. I especially love the reading nook, the balloon lights from IKEA, and the bunk bed styling!

DEUCE CITIES HENHOUSE: GUEST BEDROOM If you’re unfamiliar with Alison, get to know her ASAP. She has a gorgeous historic home that she's thoughtfully updating leaving all of the original charm while giving it a modern flare.

HIGHLIGHTS: The custom bed she built! The channeled headboard with recessed sconces and floating shelf gives this room a lux hotel feel. The brass wall trellis that she added for her climbing plants adds an organic sculptural element. Black doors are always a good idea, and the overall styling and photography is spot on. FYI: You can purchase the sconces from her Kit Shop!

THE GRIT AND POLISH: DAUGHTER'S NURSERY Cathy and her husband Garrett are on a mission fixing up houses in Washington state. They breath fresh air into neglected, historic homes and bring them back to life!

HIGHLIGHTS: For me, the best part of this room is the closet! They wallpapered the interior of the closet with the most adorable black and white wallpaper and placed her crib inside of it. This room was designed so that Daphne could grow into it and also so it could do double duty as overflow guest space. The free bed they found on Craigslist is one of my favorite pieces!

FORM + FIELD: LIVING ROOM I picked this challenge because it’s an understandable and what I’d call "skinny makeover." Christine, a full-time interior designer, kept nearly all of the existing furniture and refreshed the space using new textiles, art, and a slightly updated arrangement.

HIGHLIGHTS: Couch makeover. One of my favorite tricks is removing the back cushions on the couch and replacing them with throw pillows. I also love the gorgeous new coffee table, and fresh paint.

SARAH GUNN: MASTER BEDROOM Toronto-based interior stylist created a serene yet colorful master bedroom. This bedroom is a breath of fresh air and a lesson on how to mix color and pattern in an elegant way.

HIGHLIGHTS: THE CLOSET!! Constructed out of the IKEA pax systems, Sarah went the extra mile and painted the closets a dreamy shade of blue. Other highlights include the overall color palette, the curtains and the shade of blush she painted the armoire.

JEWELED INTERIORS: LIVING ROOM Jewel is from a military home of 6 decorating her 12th home! What intrigued me most about her challenge is this is a rental which she claims she “should be able to take it all down within an hour or two someday…” You won’t believe it when you see these pictures!

HIGHLIGHTS: bold, and sophisticated use of color, shocking before and afters, incredible vintage found pieces (mostly from Craigslist), DIY lacquered walls, and hot pink tiger wallpaper

MIMOSA LANE: PLAYROOM + STUDY Albertina is unafraid of color and knows how to mix and match it perfectly. I cannot believe how far this space came from looking at the before photos! The playful room she created for her daughter left me inspired and made me yearn for a project like this!

HIGHLIGHTS: The yellow womb chair, bold blue bookcases, double desks in front of the windows, neon sign, and exciting mix of textiles and art are what make me love this space.

INSIME HOUSE: POWDER ROOM Astrid, a long time friend on Instagram, took on her tiny powder room. The bold and dramatic jewel box she created proves that small spaces never need to be boring! In her own words, she states: the smaller the space, the more liberties you can take with your design choices! I 100% agree! As always with her designs, this bathroom is jam-packed with Craigslist finds and DIYs.

HIGHTlIGHTS: Vanity and mirror, both found on Craigslist and DIY “wallpaper” that she painted!

VESTIGE HOME: NURSERY Nicole’s ORC from last fall was one of my favorites, so I was extremely excited to see this reveal. She took on a client's nursery and did not disappoint! She has a knack for creating serene, yet interesting spaces!

HIGHLIGHTS: wall color and two-tone paint treatment, custom built daybed, the textiles and color palette, and the mix of wood tones.

DOMICILE 37: BREAKFAST NOOK Jess, who has always been inspired by European interiors, took her breakfast nook and hallway to the next level. She created a soulful spot that looks like it has been there forever!

HIGHLIGHTS: Cabinetry, concrete countertops, bentwood chairs, paint colors, and overall vibe! I want to have a cup of coffee in this nook right now!

MEGAN BACHMAN: NURSERY Megan, a full-time interior designer, took on her daughter’s nursery and I’m smitten! What I've learned from going through all of the ORC participants is that I need to put wallpaper in a closet immediately!

HIGHLIGHTS: Wallpaper accent wall, wallpapered closet, built-in shelving in the closet, pressed flowered art, and the cutest collection of baby clothes!

MODERN VICTORIAN: ENTRYWAY Danielle Berger took on her entry in her historic home, and I love a good staircase makeover!

HIGHLIGHTS: Paint color, the addition of panel molding, and dog gallery wall!

LOVE THE TOMPKINS: DINING ROOM This dining room went from very bland to packed with punch. Holly created a space that functions as a dining room and a study room.

HIGHLIGHTS: Dramatic wall color, marble tulip table, chandelier, and velvet blue swivel chairs

TESS & TEDD: DINING ROOM This Boston-based designer focuses on creating beautiful, affordable spaces that incorporate all the messiness of real life.

HIGHLIGHTS: Newley styled built-ins, incredible art selection, radical before and after photos!

A HOUSE IN THE WOODS: DAUGHTER'S ROOM This couple moved to the Sierra Nevada mountains and “bought a smelly, rundown little house, with a hell of a lot of charm, and a good chunk of sunlight thrown in..." When you see the before and afters of this space, your mind will be blown!

HIGHLIGHTS: Wallpaper accent wall, color palette, the adorable styling of beds and nightstands, and paint color selection.

LIFE ON HILL STREET: NURSERY Amy is a graphic designer turned unexpected house flipper and interior stylist. She created a treehouse-themed room for the baby/child that they are adopting.

HIGHLIGHTS: shingled wall, hanging chair, the mix of vintage and modern pieces, neutral color palette and inviting vibe.

GOLDaLAMODE: GUEST BEDROOM Cara reminds us all that a disco ball makes everything better. Cara made over her guest room in her signature style, incorporating pastels and lots of glam.

HIGHLIGHTS: playful styling, color palette, ceiling update (worth it!), paint color selection, and bedside styling.

IDLE HANDS AWAKE: BEDROOM Marleen writes a DIY blog for people who don’t DIY! She lives in a rental and shows us all that even rentals can have character!

HIGHLIGHTS: bed wall, bed styling, color palette, and smart use of Ikea pieces that looks fresh! She created a genuinely functional space which includes a very narrow desk and tons of storage in a small bedroom!

CIRCA 1889: SON'S BEDROOM A seven-year-old boys room oozing with sophistication! If you’re ever in doubt of painting a room dark, this room should convince you!

HIGHLIGHTS: Room color with trim and doors that match. I love that the vintage desk is also painted the same color as the walls to blend in. The antique bed that she’s been holding on to, the art, textiles and the found antique elements add to the quirkiness of this room!

THE GOLD HIVE: MASTER BEDROOM AND PATIO Lastly, if you're still with me, I wanted to share Ashley Goldman's ORC. She is the only featured designer I'm showcasing. The reason I'm sharing her makeover is because she was also a guest participant last season, and was selected by Sophie Dow, editor in chief of House Beautiful to be a featured participant this year!

HIGHLIGHTS: Too many to count! Ashley's attention to detail is unparalleled. I'm obsessed with the board and batten walls, paint color selection, new furniture layout, THE NEW DOOR, the sconces and the addition of a deck! Ashley documented her entire ORC, and it was so much fun to watch!

I hope you leave here today inspired and maybe even motivated to participate in next seasons One Room Challenge!

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