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Well, I’m clearly in the thick of the One Room Challenge because I FORGOT TODAY WAS WEDNESDAY and I’m suppose to share a blog with you!

I’m currently writing this on the train and my insta best friend, Ashley Goldman, who is actually my real life BFF agreed to do me the biggest solid and publish this post! She's also participating in the One Room Challenge on her blog!

This weekend, I was in Columbus, Ohio visiting two new clients. While I was there, my angel of a father sanded our staircase for us. If you’ve ever sanded your floors, you know how intense this process is. It’s physically demanding and a huge mess; there was sawdust EVERYWHERE.

After the big debate on whether to stain or paint the stairs, I decided to stain them. I went with an ebony finish so now we have three colors of flooring in our house (SMH).

This week, I’ll apply the polyurethane to the stairs, and repaint the risers and spindles. The newel posts and finials are also getting a refresh; I cannot wait to share what I have up my sleeve.

On Friday, Melissa from Old New House will be coming over for a rug showing. She’ll be bringing a ton of options for our living room which I’ll be sharing on IG stories.

The last thing I wanted to share with you is a very initial sneak peek of the large piece of art my mom is working on. It’s far from complete, but I know it will make a massive impact in the foyer!

If you missed any of my progress, catch up on my week onE, week two, and week Three progress. And as always, if you want to see more BTS action, follow me on Instagram stories!

Please be sure to check out the 19 other featured ORC participants and the hundreds of guest bloggers who are working like crazy to transform their homes in six weeks!

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