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On Saturdays, I like to give my self some self-love. I try not to schedule many chores, besides watering the plants, and use the day to tune in to what my body needs. In my definition, self-love equals waking up when I want, taking a walk, practicing yoga, giving myself a beauty treatment, or working on my home, something I genuinely enjoy.

Our studio is two levels, the downstairs is the office and gym, and the upstairs is divided in two by a staircase. On one side, there’s a sleeping area, and on the other end is my yoga/pilates/meditation space.

I don’t want to overly design this space, but it needs some love. Here’s what I’m thinking...

Bedroom Area: put the bed on a low frame, add side tables, bedside lamps, comfy bedding, a rug and plants

Image VIA: Villa Styling

Photography by Jonas Berg

Yoga/meditation side: add a rug, a piece of storage furniture for my yoga accessories, a seating area, floor pillows, a small table and lots of plants.

DESIGN BY: Anna Truelsen

source unknown

I hope to furnish this space with mostly vintage + found objects to give it an eclectic but calming feel. I’m excited to start working on this space and hope you’ll follow along!

What do you do to show yourself some love? Do you have a space in your home carved out for yourself and is there anything that makes it calming and special to you?

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