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Tonight, I'm sharing our office progress and wanted to get your feedback on a huge decision! Since my last post, I rearranged the layout, constructed our IKEA kallax units, and borrowed an incredible rug from Old New House.

LAYOUT: Switching the layout made the office feel much more open. The desk used to be on the opposite wall, and the couch used to be where the kallax unit is. Ultimately, we want to add a giant window over the desk to bring more light into the room. The window will also allow us to see the driveway. The office is an outbuilding, and it's uncomfortable not being able to see the house or know if anyone is on the property.

STORAGE + ACCESSORIES: I have so much love for the IKEA Kallax unit. It's versatile, the styling is classic, and there are tons of cute add-ons, like drawers, wire baskets, and storage boxes. As you can see from the pictures, I haven't added knobs yet. I plan on using these brass knobs from Rejuvenation.

PRO TIP: To make IKEA furniture look more UNIQUE, switch out the hardware.

While I was at IKEA, I picked up pink glasses and mugs as I plan to add a mini kitchenette to the right of the entrance. I plan on adding two wall shelves, a peg rail, and building a lower cabinet to conceal the mini fridge.

RUG: I reached out to Old New House because I saw this rug on their website and it is the perfect size for the office. Obviously, this rug is stunning, but I'm just not sure it's the vibe I'm going for.

My default is to always use vintage rugs, but I was considering using a more durable geometric outdoor carpet or large sisal for a more modern aesthetic. Here are some other contenders! I'd love to hear your opinion!






SO WHAT'S LEFT? We still need to install the pendant lights, add more accessories, plants (remember my giant cacti?? they're coming back!), art, hang the shelves, build our "kitchenette," and purchase the office chairs. I plan on getting these after reading lots of great reviews.

I'd love your feedback on how you think I should move forward with the rug!

Cheers to progress!

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