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Over 2018, we have an exhaustive list of house projects planned. The likelihood that we finish them all before the end of the year is a longshot, but I like to be ambitious! Some of these projects can be completed in a day, while others could take weeks.

In 2017 we: renovated the kitchen and two bathrooms (I promise to spill all the details soon!), replaced the front door, painted the house, studio, and garage, added a gym to the studio, removed a generator that didn't work, redid the courtyard and lounge area off the deck, added boxwoods to the front of the house, planted daffodils and rose bushes, and completed the fall 2017 ORC.

I made OUR 2018 list at the beginning of the year, see what we've accomplished so far!



  • Add a picture rail to the kitchen

  • Add a low dresser to the master bedroom closet

  • Add a tall dresser to the master bedroom closet

  • Add more plants throughout the house

  • Add new storage to the office

  • Fix library wallpaper mistakes

  • Organize linen closet

  • Organize laundry room

  • Organize kitchen cabinets

  • Organize library storage

  • Organize bedroom

  • Organize front hall closet

  • Install a new chandelier in the hallway

  • Install baseboard in the kitchen

  • Install pendant lights in the office

  • Install open shelving in kitchen

  • Find and install light over kitchen sink

  • Find and install kitchen chandelier

  • Double-hang foyer closet

  • Improve yoga space (add plants, rug, candles, blanket)

  • Paint inside of hutch

  • Paint scuffed trim

  • Paint downstairs and upstairs bathroom door black

  • Paint kitchen


  • Spring ORC! (Kicks off April 4th!)

  • Refinish kitchen mantle

  • Add paneling to entryway

  • Paint or refinish the stairs

  • Paint foyer

  • Redo office

  • Refinish deck

  • Start a garden!

  • Landscape (this is a forever project)


  • Install new curtain/french drains

  • Install dehumidifier

  • Remove heater from gym

  • Install AC vent under kitchen cabinet

  • Clean gutters

  • Get boilers serviced

  • Water re-test

  • Radon test

Hopefully, this list inspires you and gives you a few ideas to improve your home this year!

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