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How many of you have THAT ROOM? The room that doesn’t yet have a purpose, one you have plans for, but at this point, investing time or money into it doesn’t make sense. “That room” for us is what we hope will be a kids room. But, the third bedroom had become a dumping ground; art, a giant globe pendant, and Christmas decor lined the walls.

During my organization spree, I finally said, enough is enough! You can make this better without spending money. I decided to hang the art, I temporarily hung the pendant on a picture hook, and stored the Christmas decor in a more appropriate location.

I wanted to share this with you because even though this room is by no means perfect or designed, it feels so much better when I pass by it every day. If you have a room like this, I urge you to tidy it up, and use what you have, until it finds its purpose.

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