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One of many reasons we bought our home is the detached studio. My husband and I share the office space. It has high ceilings, ample light, and it is covered in wainscoting.

Over the summer, I painted the concrete floors white and installed an oversized IKEA desk, but since then, I haven't touched it. Working in the library is great, but I want to use the studio regularly.

In phase one of this makeover, I'll add a washable, durable rug, tons of storage, comfortable desk chairs, lighting and lots of plants. We'll also use our coffee table that transforms into a full-size table (video here).

Phase two will be much more involved and requires more time and money. The dream is to add a giant window and rework the layout.

I hope you'll follow along as I quickly revamp the office! So far, I have the desk, kallax unit, couch and vintage coffee table (from our old apartment), and pendant lighting I purchased at Brimfield. I still need two office chairs, rug, and plants. If anyone has any super comfortable office chair suggestion, send them my way!

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