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Plainly put, our entryway is tiny. It doesn't appear that way as it has vaulted ceilings and it is sun-drenched, but there's hardly any storage nor is there room for a piece of storage furniture.

This weekend, on my organization spree, I tackled the coat closet. My simple solution to make better use of the 22"W x 24"D space was to double hang it. My husband is 6'6" so he has no issue reaching the high rung.

If you're TACKLING your entry, make sure to follow my basic ORGANIZATION steps:

ONE: remove each item in the entry: all coats, shoes, hats scarves, etc. TWO: touch each item and ask yourself if it sparks joy, this is the fundamental principle of the KonMari method. If you can donate any coats or warm clothes, now is the time to do it! THREE: clean the inside of the closet top to bottom using my favorite cleaning products. FOUR: Put everything back

The most useful advice I can give you for a small entryway is:

keep it as minimal as possible!

I own about eight jackets, but I only store two in the entry, the rest live in my bedroom closet. Instead of cramming everything into a tiny closet, leave open hangers for guests.

I'm trying to be as vigilant with my shoes, but they accumulate much faster. We keep our shoes in a big french basket. The idea is to leave only a few pairs of shoes in the basket at a time, but it almost always gets unruly.

Tomorrow, I'll be sharing some of my favorite TINY entryway products!

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