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TRUE STORY, there are free ways to make your house feel updated and refreshed! My favorite way to breath new life into a room is by rearranging your furniture.

After we took our Christmas tree down, I decided to change the position of the desk in the library. I don't know why I didn't initially try the desk in this place? I was just dead set that that's where the desk was "supposed" to live.

Well, I was wrong! I am so much happier with this setup. It opens up the entry into the room, it allows you to appreciate the window moldings that my dad added, and I love being able to sit at the desk and look out onto the courtyard instead of the driveway

Chris Loves Julia recently wrote a great blog on ten free ways to update your home. Check it out if you need some more inspiration!

You can see the previous set up of this room here.

Your homework: move something in your house this week!

P.S. Wondering where the blue rug went? Unfortunately, as gorgeous as it was, it wasn't the right rug for the room. I loved it so much, but it was a little too distressed, and I was worried that it wouldn't wear well. I'm currently using a rug I had, while I continue to look for a new one!

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