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Organizing the kitchen will be much like organizing the bedroom. We'll take everything out of our cabinets, drawers, pantry, and refrigerator and place them in a large pile. If we’re strictly following the KonMari rule to only surround ourselves with objects that spark joy, I understand it may be hard not to toss everything! I can’t say my potato peeler makes me happy, but it sure does a good job!

That being said, take an inventory of the items that disappoint you and consider replacing them. For example, I hate my measuring spoons, so I'll keep my eye out for new ones that I love.

In my kitchen, there are a few areas I feel proud of, and a few that drive me crazy. My “Le Creuset" drawer is the crowing achievement, while other areas are disastrous. Here are my least favorite sections:

NOW, on to the STEPS:

ONE: Remove all items from your cabinets, drawers, pantry, and refrigerator. You can do this in steps so your kitchen isn’t in complete chaos.

TWO: As we did with the bedroom, begin discarding anything that doesn’t spark joy, and isn’t a necessity. Toss all spoiled items, and donate unused, non-perishable goods and tools. Take an inventory, and make a list of the items you’d love to replace. I keep this list in my bullet journal. If you're wondering where to donate your unwanted items, check out my friend Ashley Goldman's blogpost!

THREE: Clean out the interiors and exteriors of the empty cabinets. Start from the ceiling and work your way down to the floor. Let all crumbs fall to the floor.

FOUR: Before putting everything back, reconsider the placement of your items. See my tips below.

FIVE: Place all items back.

SIX: Dust the the ceiling with a feather duster.

SEVEN: Clean your range hood, windows, and window trim (always start from the top!) Here are my favorite cleaning products!

EIGHT: Spray down backsplash, and appliances starting from the ceiling and moving to the floor. For your once a week clean, make sure to spray down the exteriors of the cabinets at this time.

NINE: Clear all items from your counters and spray them down, letting all crumbs fall to the floor. At the same time, clean all surfaces in the kitchen (table, chairs, etc)

TEN: Clean all items that were on the counter top, i.e if you have a coffee pot, or toaster on your counter make sure to wipe it down. Then place all items back.

ELEVEN: Clean the inside of the range. This is a daunting task, but get all of the burnt crumbs out!

TWELVE: Sweep and/or vacuum the floor

THIRTEEN: Clean the sink. This should always be one of the last steps as the sink will get dirty throughout the process.

FOURTEEN: Mop the floor. I’ve been using this OXO mop and I love it!

After following these steps your kitchen should feel brand new! To keep yourself organized, repeat steps 6-14 (omitting step 11) once a week. Take note of where you’ve gone off the rails so you can address these problem areas. In June, I suggest you repeat this entire process!


  • Your glasses, bowls, plates, and silverware, should go near the refrigerator. If that’s not an option, place them near the dishwasher (ideally they are close to both).

  • Consider placing your plates, and bowls in a lower cabinet if they are drawers. I separate my plates with these organizers. If you don’t have drawers, think about installing a pull out drawer.

  • Place everyday tools (cooking spoons, spatulas) in a drawer or in a canister near the range. Stick with the essentials, you do not need every one of your tools at your fingertips.

  • If you have a blind corner Lazy Susan, consider switching it to a pull out shelf.

  • Find a canister system for dry goods. I like this canister system because they stack easily. The only drawback is that they are made of plastic. I'm considering switching to Weck jars.

  • Double decker storage is great solution to maximize cabinet space. Lazy Susan’s also work well!

  • Under the sink storage is the worst. I’ve found Lazy Susan’s or baskets help to minimize the craziness

  • Do not allow yourself to have a junk drawer. The purpose of this drawer should be eliminated if you’ve disposed of the clutter in your life!

Do you have any kitchen organizing tips? I'd love to hear them if you do!

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