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The past few weeks have been frigid in the northeast. It is our first winter in our home, and below freezing temperatures alerted us to a few issues in our house. One problem we noticed is the new front door was leaving the entryway cold. While the door is energy efficient, three-quarters of it is glass. To help combat the draft, I decided to add curtains to the door.

Be forewarned, these curtains are not what I recommend, unless you are using them for decorative purposes.

I’m still searching for heavy, thermal drapery, but I felt compelled to share this sooner rather than later in case anyone else is facing the same issue!

I used this ceiling mounted rod and installed it myself, which took less than 10 minutes! I love how smoothly the curtains move on the track. The rod comes with hooks and is one of the most affordable options on the market. Another fantastic feature is they come in a variety of lengths, and if needed, they provide you with a saw to cut down your rod to fit perfectly in your space! Hope this clever solution is helpful to you this winter!


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