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Welcome to day one of our organization spree. We're starting with the bedroom(s). I feel slightly ahead of the game as I've been practicing Konmari for three years. After my initial Konmari purge, I became very cognizant of any new clothes that came into the house. ​

Growing up, I always had messy drawers, but Konmari folding changed that for good. I'm sharing my folding tutorial here, but first, let's go over the basics of getting organized!

STEPS: ONE: Pile up all of your clothes, shoes, and accessories. I want you to go through each item. Touch it, examine it, and ask yourself, "does this bring me joy?" Seriously, ask yourself if those socks you've had for seven years make you happy! This process could take a few days, so if you have a spare room, I recommend using it to minimize mess and stress in the bedroom.


  • The item is sentimental: maybe it was a gift, you bought it on vacation, or perhaps it belonged to a family member. There is always guilt discarding items that you have an emotional attachment to. But, if that feeling isn't joy, put it in the donation bin. Say thank you to the item, and then toss it!

  • It was expensive: If you spent a lot of money on something, it can be difficult to get rid of it. In this case, consider consigning it.

  • It has holes, or is damaged, but it still makes you happy. That is OKAY! I can't seem to shake a sweater from the Gap that I've had since the late 90s. It's threadbare, pilled, and an embarrassment to the rest of my wardrobe, that being said, IT STILL BRINGS ME JOY!

A golden rule: If you haven't worn it in one or two years, it's time to go!

TWO: Clean out the inside of your closets and drawers (dust + vacuum)

THREE: Fold your clothes using the Konmari method. Video tutorial here!

FOUR: Put your clothes away. They should look like envelopes in your drawers.

FIVE: Go through any additional drawers/storage in your bedroom (i.e., if you have a desk in your bedroom) and repeat step one. If it doesn't spark joy, throw it out.

SIX: Use a feather duster for the tops of windows and ceiling

SEVEN: Dust and clean your windows

EIGHT: Move all furniture off the walls, dust, and vacuum

NINE: Clean the baseboards

TEN: Mop the floor. This mop is my jam, more on that next week!

ELEVEN: Finish by washing your sheets so that you can fall asleep and wake up in your new bedroom!


  • Don't bother with drawer dividers; if you're folding correctly, your clothes will do the work for you!

  • I've found bookshelves, or wall mounted shelves are the best way to store shoes. I also love the shoe boxes from the container store!

  • For handbags, consider storing bags within bags to save space

  • Stop rotating your summer and winter wardrobe in and out of storage. If you've Konmaried correctly, all of your clothes should be able to coexist in the same place!


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