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January, the official month of organization. I don't know about everyone else, but it seems to take me a full week to get into the new year, new me, spirit!

This month, I'll organize our home from top to bottom. We've only lived here since August, but when we moved in, I started shoving things in places without intention. I'm ashamed of this as I'm a self-proclaimed Konmari expert and practitioner.

Konmari is an organizational method developed by Marie Kondo which she outlines in her book "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up." The cornerstone of her philosophy is to surround yourself with objects that spark joy; everything else should be discarded.

This month I'll take a deep dive into my experience with Konmari and teach you one of the fundamental practices: how to fold correctly. I'll also team up with Ashley Goldman to help her Konmari her bedroom closet via Instagram Live!

I'll expose my dirty secrets, so you can see what real life looks like over here. My strategy is to tackle the house in the following order, and I hope you'll consider joining me!

5. Living areas

6. Office

7. Basement

8. Garage (I won't get around to this until April as I rather do this when it warms up!)

If you'd like to tag along on my organization spree, I'll start with my bedroom cleanout on 1/10 and press on from there! Cheers to a fresh start!

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