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Starting a new year is rejuvenating. All of your "sins" from last year seem to be forgiven when the clock strikes twelve. This year, I've broken down my goals and intentions into two categories, professional and personal. I purposely did not use the word resolution, defined as "a firm decision to do or not to do something." Instead I used intentions (an aim or plan) and goals (the object of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desired result) because I feel they are more flexible and forgiving as we should be with ourselves. To keep myself accountable, I will periodically reference this post throughout the year.


BLOG AT LEAST TWO TIMES A WEEK: I hope to share as much content as I can with you this year!

CONTINUE USING A BULLET JOURNAL: This is going to sound crazy to some of you, but for the entirety of my life, I have not used an agenda! I somehow managed to get away with using my brain and a few iPhone notes to keep myself organized. This behavior has lead to anxiety and disorganization. I started using a Bullet Journal at the end of December, and I love it so far.

STAY AHEAD OF MEDIA SCHEDULE (AT LEAST 2 WEEKS): In the past, I've scrambled up until the moment I hit the post button on my blog. My goal is to have a well-planned media schedule in 2018 so that I'm always ahead of schedule

MAKE MORE VIDEOS AND INCREASE YOUTUBE PRESENCE: Making stories on Instagram is great, but I'd like to produce more professional videos through youtube that I will post on my blog.

SPEAK ON A PANEL OR HOST A WORKSHOP: Many of the bloggers I admire have shared their knowledge on panels or through workshops. I would love to do the same. Any suggestions welcome!

ATTEND A BLOGGER CONFERENCE: I love connecting with creatives in this industry. Being able to listen to others' experiences and pick their brains on strategies that work for them is invaluable.

GIFT A MAKEOVER: Two of my friends, Claire, from Centered by Design, and Jenny Komenda, from Little Green Notebook, gifted makeovers to deserving families last year; I would love to do the same this year!

CREATE A SHOP ON MY WEBSITE: I'm still fleshing out this idea, but I'd like to create a marketplace to sell my mom's art, and link to my favorite found objects.

GROW TO 20K FOLLOWERS ON INSTAGRAM: Getting to 10K this year was a milestone, and I'd like to double my following by next year.


EXERCISE AT LEAST THREE TIMES A WEEK: We have a beautiful home gym so there are no excuses!

START MEDITATING CONSISTENTLY: I've tried meditating in the past, but I would like to make it a habit. I will be using the Calm App.

WRITE DOWN MONTHLY INTENTIONS: Lee From America, one of my favorite wellness bloggers, has started this trend. It's the perfect way to start your month with a clear vision.

VOLUNTEER: I'm ashamed that I didn't volunteer in any capacity last year. This year, I will change that!

DRINK MORE WATER: I drink two-three glasses of water a day; I'm not sure how I'm alive. I just don't enjoy drinking water!

EAT 90% (OR MORE) VEGETARIAN: I'm disgusted with the meat industry in the USA. My goal is to make 90% of my meals vegetarian (two meat meals or less a week). Any meat I do consume should be responsibly sourced.

ELIMINATE TOXIC HOUSEHOLD + PERSONAL PRODUCTS: After reading Woman Code last October, I started purging all toxic household and personal products. I've eliminated most, but there is always room for improvement.

READ TWELVE BOOKS THIS YEAR: I never make time to read. Instead of scrolling through my phone before I shut my eyes, I plan on picking up a book.

Do you have any goals, or intentions this year? If so, I'd love to hear them!

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