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I wanted to write a blog post to help you determine if you should attempt to hang wallpaper by yourself, or if you should hire a professional. I’ve developed a series of questions that should help you come to a conclusion. To illustrate this post, I've used some of my favorite One Room Challenge participants who were brave enough to use wallpaper!

The Makerista

Have you ever, or would you ever attempt to paint a room by yourself?

If you answered YES: While painting and papering are two different skill sets, the fact that you've attempted to paint a room by yourself or would give it a try is a good introduction to wallpapering.

If you answered NO: If you’re not confident enough to paint a room, then I don’t imagine you’re ready for the challenge of wallpapering.

Are you a risk taker?

If you answered YES: Well then, you might just be crazy enough to wallpaper!

If you answered NO: Forget it

Making It Lovely

Do you have any knowledge of wallpaper at all?

If you answered YES or NO: If you have some understanding about wallpaper, that’s great. If you don’t, the good news is, there are a ton of helpful videos out there. If you’re up for the challenge, spend a few hours watching some tutorials. They’ll help boost your confidence, and provide you with the necessary basics for wallpapering. I like this guy. He's very dry, but I found his videos easy to follow.

Are you a perfectionist?

If you answered YES or NO: This is a trick question. While you do have to be meticulous in your measuring, cutting, and placement, inevitably, there will be a few “mistakes” while wallpapering on your own, especially if it’s your first time. Many of these mistakes can be remedied, hidden, and will become barely noticeable, but if they'll bother you as soon as you walk in the room, I advise you hire a professional.

Design Maze

Are you confident in your measuring skills?

If you answered YES: Great. You’ll be taking lots of precise measurements. I advise you use a tape measure that has fractions listed.

If you answered NO: Forget it

Are you comfortable using a razor blade?

If you answered YES: Perfect, you’ll be using it throughout the entire process

If you answered NO: Forget it

Vestige Home

Do you have someone that would be willing to help you?

If you answered YES or NO: While it isn’t necessary to have a partner, it is certainly helpful to have someone assist you in rolling out the paper, cutting it, placing it, and double checking your measurements.

Are you patient?

If you answered YES: Good because wallpapering takes time, patience, and concentration. It is not a task that should be rushed. You’ll need to dedicate AT LEAST a weekend to wallpapering a full room. If you’re just wallpapering an accent wall, you could complete it in a day.

If you answered NO: Forget it

Are you on a budget?

If you answered YES: Wallpapering by yourself is the only option.

If you answered NO: Call a reputable paper hanger immediately! If you’ve got cash to burn, there’s no reason to take this on by yourself.

I hope this post was helpful. If you're ready to wallpaper, I'll be writing a follow up post where I'll go into depth about some tips, tricks, and essential tools!

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