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When we purchased our home, one of the first things I wanted to change was the front door. I thought I'd share nine things I learned, and a few mistakes I made throughout the process!

ONE: Changing our front door was one of the best decisions we made. It opened up our tight entryway and allows more light into the house. The house faces south, so now light streams through the foyer. Some of you may wonder about the lack of privacy that this door provides. Well, we live in the woods, and only animals will look in, so I'm not too concerned! I probably wouldn't have picked this door if we lived on a suburban street.

before - pictures taken the day we closed!

TWO: Educate yourself on the type of door to use. I ended up purchasing this door through Windowrama. The salesperson at their showroom was extremely helpful, and with a few simple questions, he was able to direct me to the perfect door. We ended up choosing a fiberglass door by Therma Tru. It was the best option for us because we don't have an overhang to protect the door, and fiberglass is very durable and will withstand the elements.

THREE: When we replaced the door, we decided to change the swing of the door. Well, here's something MAJOR I forgot...When we changed the swing, the light switch was on the wrong side! Fumbling around in a dark entry would be no bueno, so we ended up moving the switch to the correct side of the door; an oversight that was not inexpensive.

FOUR: When you're replacing a door, consider the interior and exterior lighting We decided to add interior and exterior sconces on either side of the door. Do this while the walls are open as it's much easier and more cost-effective.

FIVE: Your front door probably won't come with a handle. If you want your door installed the moment you get it, make sure you have the hardware on hand! Otherwise, the door cannot be installed.

SIX: Here's something I you have a doorbell? We didn't, and we still don't! Insert head slap emoji. While your walls are open, it is an excellent time to install one!

SEVEN: I wanted to put a transom on the front door to mimic the other transoms in the house. However, I quickly learned that I didn't have the proper ceiling height. If you're considering a transom on your front door, let me break it to you now: if you don't have nine foot ceilings, it's not happening.

EIGHT: Doors and windows are EXPENSIVE. If you plan on changing doors and windows, I strongly advise you get an estimate first so there are no surprises. You can get a free estimate by going to your local window and door showroom. To be transparent, this door came out to $1650 with our contractor's discount. This does not include installation, the doorknob, or the electrical work.

NINE: Doors and windows take on average 4-6 weeks to arrive, so make sure to order them in advance to keep your project on schedule. This door came within two weeks, but the windows took six weeks.


Do you guys like these types of posts? I've learned a lot during our renovations, and I've made some mistakes which I hope I can help you avoid!

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