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And we're off! After several months of waiting, we can finally start renovating! Our renovation plans include the kitchen and the two bathrooms in the house. Today, I want to walk you through our kitchen plans.

before kitchen

The kitchen as is is perfectly well styled, but it's not in the best shape. The IKEA cabinets have a lot of wear, and I don't think the layout works well. My goal is to maximize the functionality of the kitchen and improve the flow. I've broken this post down by describing each wall, but it might just be easier to watch the video!


- Keep the sink in the same place

- move the dishwasher to the right of the sink

- add more windows above the sink to maximize the gorgeous view

- no upper cabinets


- Keep the range in the same place, but increase the size from 24" to 48."

- Remove the window over the range because it is a fire hazard!

- Add a window on each side of the range


- Close up the transom door

- move the refrigerator to this wall

- Add upper cabinets on this wall

As for the style of this kitchen, I'm pretty obsessed with Devol Kitchens.

The cabinetry will be inset, the doors will be shaker style, and all of the drawers will be flat panel. The plan is to paint them a medium gray. Right now, the color I'm leaning towards is Purbeck Stone by Farrow & Ball.

I plan on using white countertops, but I haven't decided on the material. I'll either use quartz or quartzite because I don't trust myself with marble; after all, my nickname is Exxon Valdez! I do not plan on putting a backsplash on the sink wall or the refrigerator wall. Instead, I will continue the countertop up the wall about four inches.

I will, however, add a backsplash behind the range. I absolutely love white zellige tiles.

I haven't yet decided on the color and style of the hardware for the cabinets. I keep jumping back and forth between black, polished nickel, and brass.

As for the range hood, it will be simple and built in. There's a lot of stainless steel in this small space, and I didn't want to add any more.

Here is an initial design board for the project!

I invite you to follow along on my Pinterest board where you will find all of the inspiration images and products for our home. Thank you for following along, I can't wait to share our progress!


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