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I'm excited to finally share our bedroom reveal! As most of you know, my husband and I have been living with my mother-in-law while we look for a new home. If you haven't seen the before pictures, head over to my previous post where I talk about how I was inspired to transform our bedroom into a British colonial inspired oasis after our trip to South Africa.


This room is temporary and I didn't want to spend a lot of money. However, we do spend time here in the summer so I wanted to make sure it was a place we could enjoy for many years. I was able to complete this makeover for under $1,600.


Replacing the bed was a priority as the old headboard had been torn to shreds by our cats. When researching British colonial decor, most of the images I loved had canopy beds. I found this one for an incredible price and I had to have it.

Previously there were a bunch of random rugs in the bedroom. I used a sisal rug to add warmth to the space. I like that this one has a pattern; it's also extremely soft underfoot.

The previous bedding looked drab so I added a crisp white duvet, toss pillows and a throw to brighten up the room. The throw at the bottom is a piece of fabric that I hemmed at each end.

This screen was a Craigslist score. Originally, I was going to use it as the headboard, but when I put it in this nook, I loved how it defined the space.

These foo dog lamps were a great deal so I jumped on them. I love the way they look with the bamboo nightstands and the screen.

The zebra rug sets the tone in this room. My husband's parents were given it in the 70s. It was collecting dust in the basement, so I was happy we found a place for it!

The wall behind the desk was the hardest to deal with. It's a huge wall with high ceilings, so I added this oversized mural as a focal point. The chair is temporary. We're still looking for the perfect, inexpensive, vintage bench.

This lamp was in the basement and just so happened to be the perfect addition to the side of the desk.

The posters behind the TV are from our old apartment and I added plants and books to accessories the dresser.

I found this bookcase at the same place I bought the screen. It fits perfectly under the slanted ceiling and allows us to store a portion of our large book collection nearby.

I struggled to figure out how I was going to make this bedroom a place I loved. But, with just a few simple changes, I was able to transform this bedroom into a cohesive, well-designed space. The key was not starting fresh. Instead, it was about embracing the existing furniture and adding the crucial bridge pieces to tie it all together.

This project was a great lesson for me that I hope you can translate into your home!


SCREEN (vintage) // BOOKCASE (vintage)

TOTAL COST: $1,532

Want to see more? Take the video tour of our bedroom!

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