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Have you ever had a retail experience that completely blew your mind? Well, I recently did, at the newly opened Anthropologie & Co. in Walnut Creek, California.

Anthropologie & Co. is different than regular Anthropologie because it showcases their sister brands, Terrain and BHLDN, and is chalk full of the clothing, shoes, furniture, and décor that they sell online.

Basically, it's Anthropologie on steroids. My eyes were filled with heart emojis, my cheeks were flush with excitement, and my fingers couldn't snap pictures fast enough. Seriously, I dare you to make it out of there in less than two hours!

So far, there are three large format stores in the US: Walnut Creek, CA, Newport Beach, CA, and Portland, OR. The next stores scheduled to open are King of Prussia, PA and Palo Alto, CA.

terrace on the second floor

Being an interior decorator, I’ve always wondered about the comfort and quality of their furniture. I love the look of their items but have been hesitant to suggest their furniture to my clients. Buying a couch on blind faith is hard for most consumers, and up until recently, their brick and mortar stores only carried a handful of items from their vast online collection.

The staff at the store was beyond helpful and I was able to chat in depth with one of their directors about the furniture and how it is made. There are two facts about the collection that resonated with me as both a consumer and a designer. One: all of the furniture is made in the USA! Horary for that! Two: all of their furniture is bench made, meaning one artisan has finished the piece by him or herself. Why is bench made furniture important? Well, if you have two people working on the same piece of furniture, one may twist a screw tighter than the other, which in turn makes the finishing inconsistent.

Now that I’ve been to Mecca, and played my version of Goldilocks at Anthropologie & Co., I thought, why not share my furniture reviews with you to help you with your decorating decisions! After seeing the furniture in person, I can say with 100% confidence that I would suggest Anthropologie’s furniture to my clients. I to will be purchasing their furniture once we live in a bigger space!

Mina Sofa ★★★★​​

Structurally, I love this sofa, but I found it was too deep! The seat is also quite hard. It's definitely not a sofa for lounging. If you’re less than 5’3” I might not recommend this one!

Edlyn Sectional ★★★★​​

This is a sofa I can imagine spending a Saturday on…you know, one where your fitness tracker only registers 500 steps. Yea, you'll turn into a couch potato on this one! A word caution, this sofa is very, very deep and my legs were dangling off of it. However, with its beautiful shape, color options, and extreme comfort level, I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase it for a client or for myself.

Velvet Lyre Chesterfield Sofa ★★★★​​★​​ (top pick)

Probably my favorite sofa in the store, this guy is unbelievably comfortable!

Chesterfields have a tenancy to be stiff, but you melt right into this one. I would order this sofa in a flash. It’s crazy good!

This sofa had a super comfy seat, but yet again it was too deep for me. I'd need to add some throw pillows at the back in order for my feet to touch the ground. It is great looking in person and I’m sure I would love it if I were over 5’3.”

I’m just gonna say it: this is the perfect dining chair. It’s incredibly comfortable, upright in a good way, with a soft, but not too soft seat. It's the kind of chair that promotes long, intimate, dinner conversations with friends and family. I would love to have these in my home!

Elowen Armchair ★​​★​​★​​★​​★

I’ve been eying this chair since I saw it in the catalogue. It's a very comfortable dining chair, but it is on the smaller size. It would be perfect for me, but I'm not sure my 6’5” husband would agree. I’m obsessed with the detailing on this chair; the brass handle and legs put me over the edge! I would recommend this chair if you have a small dining space, and you aren’t too big!

Tillie Armchair ★​​★​​★​​★​​★

What a handsome chair! It’s very comfortable, a great size, and comes in a dozen beautiful colors. This isn’t a chair I would read in for hours and hours, unless you added a footstool. I love the look of this chair and highly recommend it.

Kimball Chair ★​​★​​★​​★​​★ (top pick)

In my notes from the store I wrote, “perfect in every way.” I came to the store with hopes they would have it because I’m constantly recommending it to my clients. I love the shape, the brass detailing, and extensive color range. If you’re looking for an exquisite side chair, buy this one immediately!

Gwinnett Chair ★​​★​​★​​★​​

This is a very comfortable chair with a small footprint. If you’re looking for a side chair in a bedroom, a kids room, or small living room, this could be a great option for you. But take note, this chair is not meant for a very large person!

Finn Rocker ★​​★​​★​​

I thought the look of this chair was so cool and I imagined putting it in a rad nursery. However, I was underwhelmed by the comfort level. It’s very upright for a rocker and the seat wasn't very soft.

Orianna Slipper Chair ★​​★​​

This chair was too deep for me and the back angle was too reclined. It wasn’t my favorite piece in the store. Sidetone, there is an Orianna sette and sofa. The online reviews for the sette reflect my feelings, but the reviews for the sofa are better!

Rivona Chair ★​​★​​★

This chair was a little too hard at the back for me and wasn’t as comfortable as some of the other side chair options. I would pick the Kimball chair or the Tillie chair over this one!

Premium Leather Alvorada Armchair ★​​★​​★​​★​​★ (top pick)

Woah this chair GOOD! The leather is buttery and delicious, the wood is silky smooth and it comes in some amazing color options! I totally fell hard for this piece.

Leather Rhys Chair ★​​★​​★​​★​​

Similar to the Alvorada chair, this style has a more upright back. The seat is very comfortable and the leather is just as buttery. But, if I had to make a choice, I would go with the Alvorada chair.

Glenlee Chair ★​​★​​★​​★​​★

So, so, so comfy. This chair is deep, but because it has a back pillow, it wasn’t too deep for me. A great lounge or reading chair! Beware, this chair has a large footprint!

Booker Armchair ★​​★​​★​​★​​★

This chair is firm in a good way. It isn’t too deep and the angle of the back is just right. A great option for a side chair in a living room, bedroom or office.

I hope these reviews have been helpful! If you have a chance, I urge you to visit an Anthropologie & Co. immediately! Please let me know if you have any questions about this post or if I can expand on anything for you!

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