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When it comes to interiors, many people struggle to define their personal style. Usually my clients can't put a finger on how they want their house to look. They'll show me inspiration images but their ideas will be all over the place. If this is your dilemma, there is a really easy way to uncover your interior style; just look in your closet!

Chances are, your favorite clothing pieces will dictate your interior style. To describe this phenomenon, I've picked three fashion bloggers and have compared their personal style to their style at home.

Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam

Julia described her style to Refinery29 as "very feminine, classic, and colorful." You'll usually spot her wearing shades of blush, or traditional prints like leopard, gingham, stripes, or florals which make up her forever feminine look.

Knowing Julia's personal style well, I wasn't a bit surprised when I saw her apartment. Her couch is made of pink velvet, her fireplace is flanked by a pair of leopard ottomans, and her feminine style is highlighted by the hints of brass, blush and chinoiserie used throughout her home.

Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes

A vintage enthusiast to the core, Jane is constantly wearing bold outfits curated from different decades. Unafraid of color, she has a love for denim, fringe, patchwork, and statement items of yesteryear.

Now take a look a Jane's house. Nearly all of the pieces in her home are vintage. There is lots of texture, layering, and the color palette and patterns used in her home mimic her bohemian and eclectic style.

Julie Sarinana of Sincerely Jules

In an interview with Style Caster, Julie said "I love to combine my natural California-girl look with a bit of classic effortless Parisian style." Julie opts for comfortable clothing in neutral shades.You'll usually see her in relaxed looks featuring ripped denim, t-shirts, leather jackets, and sneakers.

While I did have to scrounge to find pictures of her home/office, her interior style mimics her personal style. Her home is neutral and minimalistic. She's favors leather, sisal, and natural materials.

So what does this mean for you? How are you to determine your interior style from your personal style? Pick out 5-10 of your favorite items. What do you love to wear? Your favorite piece could be a basic white t-shirt or it could be a sequins dress. Once you've picked out a handful of items, you can begin to analyze them.

STYLE: Are your pieces bohemian, feminine, preppy, casual..?

SHAPE: Are your favorite pieces loose and flowy or are they more fitted and tailored?

MATERIAL: What are the prominent fabrics and materials? Are they cotton, silk, brocade, leather..?

COLOR: Do you have mostly neutrals or do you have a lot of a certain color?

PRINTS: Do you have any prints? If you do, are they geometric, floral, stripes, animal..?

When you have answered these questions you can start translating these ideas into your interior style. So for example, if one of your favorite pieces is a buttery leather jacket, you'd probably love a comfortable leather couch, or chair. If you have lots of cool tones in your wardrobe, then surrounding yourself with blues and greens as accent colors in your decor would be a good idea. If you have lots of bohemian pieces, you'll most likely want to add vintage items, macrame, plants and distressed rugs. If you don't have any pattern in your wardrobe, then don't add it in your decor!

In conclusion, if you like it in your wardrobe, you'll love it in your home. I'd love to hear your comments and questions about this post!

And as always, if you're looking to redo your space, say hi

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