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Today I’d like to talk to you about an exciting new project I’m calling the “Beach Bungalow!” It’s a 20’ x 20’ freestanding building that includes a kitchen, dining area, bed, seating area, bathroom, and an adjoining outdoor shower. Over the next month, I’ll be refreshing the space and highlighting its beautiful bones and picturesque, Hamptons location.

To begin, here is the floorpan:

So let’s address the problems:

THE BED: Has nothing going for it, period.

THE FIX: Add a fabric headboard to draw the eye up, add sconces on either side of the headboard, and update the bedding.

THE DINING CHAIRS: Do not match the sleek dining table.

THE FIX: Replace the chairs with modern, white, shell chairs.

THE COUCH: The red and gold pillows no longer fit the updated color scheme.

THE FIX: Replace the pillow covers to match the new blue, white, and pink pallet and style the couch.

THE LIGHTING: The lamps on either side of the couch aren’t cutting it and the ceiling lights are unfinished.

THE FIX: Remove the lamps on either side of the couch and replace the ceiling lights with inexpensive globes. The pièce de résistance will be the installation of a boho chandelier over the dining table.

THE FLOORS: There’s too much tile, making the space feel cold.

THE FIX: Add a rug to warm up the space

THE BATHROOM: Maybe the biggest challenge. The bathroom is windowless, and is lacking personality

THE FIX: Ideally add wallpaper above the wainscoting and give it a fresh coat of paint.

THE OUTDOOR SHOWER: There really isn’t anything wrong here, but it could be way more fun.

THE FIX: Add a mirror, a large plant and some additional décor to transform it into an outdoor oasis.

THE LAYOUT: While the furniture placement will remain the same, the couch wall will be rearranged. There’s too much furniture on that wall making it extremely crowded.

THE FIX: Combine the existing end tables to form a media unit and declutter.

ETC: Finding storage solutions for the tennis equipment and mashugana.

Here is the initial design board:

If you’ve been following on Snapchat you’ve seen many of these changes happening in real time. I invite you to join me at: KEOGHHABERMANN. There’s also a Pinterest board dedicated to this project if you’d like to get some inspiration!

And as always, if you’re looking to redo your space, you should definitely reach out!

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