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Oooooh babies there's a lot out there this weekend! Maybe because it's the end of the month? Whatever the reason, act fast before these pieces are gone! I also encourage you to check out last weeks edition! many of the pieces are still available!

AND don't forget! Scroll to the bottom to see how KEOGH HABERMANN put some of these finds together! xx

This deep pumpkin credenza is out of control! I saw it in person and it is richer than you can imagine. It has tons of storage and it's on sale for $502! Fall is just around the corner so it's time for pumpkin everything!

Loving this Jonathan Adler lamp! Asking $250! originally $595

Are you kidding me?!? Here is a set of four Jonathan Adler chairs for West Elm for $100! I would buy these in a heartbeat!

I normally don't like to tease with pieces like this, but how handsome is this Stilnovo lamp?? Asking $750

This vintage Persian rug from the 1930s has everything going for it. The colors are vibrant and will go with a wide range of decor. Asking $990

Sculptures instantly add sophistication and interest to a home. I'm crazy for these abstract figures and they are only $125!!!

Round and oval mirrors are my latest obsession. I love the clean lines on this one! I saw this beauty in person. The frame is a little beat up but the mirror is perfect.

Asking $195!

I also saw this lovely lady in person and she's gorgeous too. Asking $277

Who doesn't love a starburst mirror? This one is $100!

One last mirror. I really can't decide if this thing is totally nuts? The truly insane part is they are asking $115 for it!

How cute is this petite blue velvet chair! AND there are two of them! $325 each!

Pretty, pretty, pretttttyy! $299

This guy is fun too! $159!

High Boy dresser for $275!

Pink Persian rug? Sold! This is a gorgeous piece in mint condition.

Asking $2,500 for a 10'x6'

What can I say, I'm a sucker for a brass bed. Asking $500

And a brass umbrella stand! Asking $60

Chinoiserie dreammmmss! These are serious antiques being sold for a great price! Asking $450 for both!

I've been admiring this teal chair and ottoman for a while. It's on sale now, but still pricey! Asking $1,800. But common, this would make any office or living room!

Okay, this Danish modern tea set is bizarre, I admit that. But it's also kind of awesome? maybe? Asking $159 for the set.

Arthur Collani three legged chairs! $300 each

So what did we dream up with these pieces this week? We made two rooms for you! One entryway and one bedroom!

We love a bold entry. The total cost for this one is: $2,327 + the cost of wallpaper

This bedroom is French luxury with a little grit. Total cost: $4,419

(you can save some doll hairs by only buying one chair)

Ready to hire KEOGH HABERMANN? Email us for more info!

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