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Today, I’m going to change your relationship with your duvet cover. Is this chore the bane of your existence? It shouldn’t be! This life hack is a game changer.

My husband and I decided to go top sheet free, and we’re never going back. It feels like vacation every night! Consequently, I wash the cover every week. I can assure you;

this IS the only way to put on a duvet.

After a ton of research, I landed on the Classic Hardcore Sheet Bundle (sans top sheet) and All-Season-Down Comforter from Brooklinen. I was so pleased with both that I reached out to see if they wanted to make this video together! Thank you Brooklinen for supplying the All-Season-Down Comforter, and Classic Hardcore Sheet Bundle!

Use code NATASHA20 for $20 dollars off your order + free shipping!

By a show of hands, how many of you knew about this trick?

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