Three months late, I decided it was finally time to share our courtyard reveal. The reason for the delay? I was waiting for my roses to flourish, and well, that never happened. Before our outdoor life abruptly changes to an indoor existence, I wanted to share where things stand. The courtyard has become endlessly more enjoyable since we removed the grass and replaced it with pea stone. It's less buggy and requires near zero maintenance. Catch up on Phase One of this series where I explained how we installed the pea stone and the garden beds. I looked long and hard for outdoor furniture that was attractive and affordable. It was hard for me to justify spending a lot of money on items tha


Annnnnnd we’re done! While this transformation may have seemed fast in Internet time, in reality, it was not. My family worked the whole summer to update this rental. I can hardly believe the drastic transformation we achieved with paint, new lighting, and of course the star of the show: the shiplap. For those of you who missed the progress, you can catch up on PART I where I shared the before pictures, and PART II where I detailed the process of painting the cabinets and installing the shiplap. If you’re updating a rental or temporary home, you may be inclined to paint everything white, but incorporating a few dark pops of color, will add depth and interest to the apartment. To keep costs