This may seem crazy to some of you, but up until my 33rd year, I never used a day planner. Somehow, I was able to juggle my tasks in my head, combined with notes I jotted down on random pieces of paper, and a few iPhone reminders sprinkled in. But within the last year, that suddenly changed. It’s not that I couldn’t remember my appointments and tasks, but I started feeling anxious. Running my own business, owning a home and writing a blog began to overwhelm me, and I needed to find a better way to manage my day to day life. Enter the Bullet Journal. The Bullet Journal took the world by storm a few years ago, but I adopted it in January 2018. In brief, it’s an analog system to help you t


One of the first improvement projects we took on in our new home was our courtyard and lounge area. My family and I can be pretty handy, but we did not renovate the bathrooms or kitchen ourselves. While we waited for those projects to be completed, working on the courtyard and lounge area was a way to feel like we were contributing to our new home. Before the final reveal of these spaces, I want to focus on the process of adding the pea stone patio. Anyone can take on this project, even if you've never built a thing in your life! Not only is it easy, but it's also an affordable project that will make a huge impact. The one restriction of this project is it takes a lot of muscle and sweat