As a guest participant of the One Room Challenge last year, who became a featured participant of the ORC this year, I wanted to give a little extra love to all of the guest participants that might not have got the amount of exposure they deserved! I went through all 243 guest participants and picked out a few favorites to share with you! Take a look at these transformations and join me in congratulating them on their stunning new rooms! The Sweet Beast: GUEST BEDROOM Emily's home is all around gorgeous, and her photography makes it shine. Did you see her ORC week five post where she shared her tips on how to photograph interiors in the best way? I ate that one up! HIGHLIGHTS: Room color,


I am so excited to finally share my Spring 2018 One Room Challenge! For those of you who don't know me, I'm Natasha Habermann. I am a full-time interior designer and blogger living in North Salem, NY. Last Fall, I participated as a guest in the Fall 2017 ORC and was selected by Sophie Dow, editor in chief of House Beautiful to participate as a featured designer in the Spring 2018 ORC. I've religiously followed the ORC for years, so being selected as a featured designer was a tremendous honor. For this seasons' challenge, I took on my living room and connected foyer. You can take a walk down memory lane to review the before photos. There was nothing wrong with these rooms, but I hadn't pai


I cannot believe it's week FIVE of the One Room Challenge! Week one, two, three and four have blurred together in my head, and now I'm haunted with anxiety of finishing on time! Most of the past week was spent painting and caulking. If you plan to install panel molding or board and batten in your home, do not underestimate how much time you'll spend applying caulk! After the media unit I initially planned to use fell through, I moved on to plan B. Enter this super ugly buffet, found at auction. Something was charming about it, and the price was right at $100. We sanded and painted it, and removed the doors that concealed the interior drawers. We then removed the top drawer to make space