Recently, I took a trip to IKEA, and made a video to share some of my favorite products. This is not a complete list of every item that I love, but a compilation of essentials (with some exceptions). Here is the video, but I've made a list below, linking to all of the products! PRODUCT LIST: MÅLA Tabletop paper holder + drawing paper roll VALLENTUNA sleeper sofa series (non-essential but an amazing product for small spaces!) image via: Bemz KALLAX series image via: Natasha Habermann Studio KALLAX drawer inserts KALLAX wire basket image via: BILLY series image via: VARIERA flatware trays image via: Natasha Habermann Studio VARIERA lid organizer image via: Natasha Habermann


Tonight, I'm sharing our office progress and wanted to get your feedback on a huge decision! Since my last post, I rearranged the layout, constructed our IKEA kallax units, and borrowed an incredible rug from Old New House. LAYOUT: Switching the layout made the office feel much more open. The desk used to be on the opposite wall, and the couch used to be where the kallax unit is. Ultimately, we want to add a giant window over the desk to bring more light into the room. The window will also allow us to see the driveway. The office is an outbuilding, and it's uncomfortable not being able to see the house or know if anyone is on the property. STORAGE + ACCESSORIES: I have so much love for the


Pink is not a color I shy away from. In celebration of Valentine's day, I'm sharing how my mom and I have used pink in our homes, and in our projects! MOM'S DINING ROOM: COLOR: MIDDLETON PINK BY FARROW & BALL MOM'S DINING ROOM MOM'S DINING ROOM NATASHA'S CHILDHOOD BEDROOM NATASHA'S CHILDHOOD BEDROOM BEACH BUNGALOW BEACH BUNGALOW California E-Design BOLD FOYER GUEST ROOM And I have no plans to stop using pink! Here's a design board for a little girls nursery I'm working on. I'll be sharing more about this project very soon! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!


Over 2018, we have an exhaustive list of house projects planned. The likelihood that we finish them all before the end of the year is a longshot, but I like to be ambitious! Some of these projects can be completed in a day, while others could take weeks. In 2017 we: renovated the kitchen and two bathrooms (I promise to spill all the details soon!), replaced the front door, painted the house, studio, and garage, added a gym to the studio, removed a generator that didn't work, redid the courtyard and lounge area off the deck, added boxwoods to the front of the house, planted daffodils and rose bushes, and completed the fall 2017 ORC. I made OUR 2018 list at the beginning of the year, see wh


How many of you have THAT ROOM? The room that doesn’t yet have a purpose, one you have plans for, but at this point, investing time or money into it doesn’t make sense. “That room” for us is what we hope will be a kids room. But, the third bedroom had become a dumping ground; art, a giant globe pendant, and Christmas decor lined the walls. During my organization spree, I finally said, enough is enough! You can make this better without spending money. I decided to hang the art, I temporarily hung the pendant on a picture hook, and stored the Christmas decor in a more appropriate location. I wanted to share this with you because even though this room is by no means perfect or designed, it f


One of many reasons we bought our home is the detached studio. My husband and I share the office space. It has high ceilings, ample light, and it is covered in wainscoting. Over the summer, I painted the concrete floors white and installed an oversized IKEA desk, but since then, I haven't touched it. Working in the library is great, but I want to use the studio regularly. In phase one of this makeover, I'll add a washable, durable rug, tons of storage, comfortable desk chairs, lighting and lots of plants. We'll also use our coffee table that transforms into a full-size table (video here). Phase two will be much more involved and requires more time and money. The dream is to add a giant wi


I thought I'd have the whole house organized by the end of January, but I was wrong. It's February, and I'm still finding closets and drawers to sort through. I've come to realize that organizing is a two-step process. Eliminating the excess and finding a place for everything is step one. Step two is using a fine tooth comb to perfect and ensure the continued function of the organizational system you put in place. Over the weekend, I turned my attention to the pantry, laundry room, linen closet, and bathrooms. Each area was a complete disaster, and I'm très embarrassed to show you the before pictures, but alas, I promised to be honest! IF YOU'RE IN AN RSS READER, YOU'LL HAVE TO CLICK THRO


Today, I’m going to change your relationship with your duvet cover. Is this chore the bane of your existence? It shouldn’t be! This life hack is a game changer. My husband and I decided to go top sheet free, and we’re never going back. It feels like vacation every night! Consequently, I wash the cover every week. I can assure you; this IS the only way to put on a duvet. After a ton of research, I landed on the Classic Hardcore Sheet Bundle (sans top sheet) and All-Season-Down Comforter from Brooklinen. I was so pleased with both that I reached out to see if they wanted to make this video together! Thank you Brooklinen for supplying the All-Season-Down Comforter, and Classic Hardcore Sheet B