As this year comes to a close, I wanted to highlight some of the significant events that happened in my life over 2017. ONE: We sold our 350 sq/ft apartment in NYC. Designing the apartment was one of my greatest accomplishments, and was validated by how quickly it sold. We hadn't found our new home yet, so we moved in with my mother-in-law in the Hamptons. TWO: We left our empty apartment, went straight to the airport, and got on a plane to South Africa. Taking a vacation after selling a home that you love is the best way to distract yourself. We traveled the country for three weeks. We started our trip with a Safari in KwaZulu-Natal and drove along the southern coast all the way to Cap


There was a lot of hubbub about gift guides this year, but we never see what anyone gifted or received. Admittedly, I gave some pretty lame gifts...socks, fleeces, Amazon Echos...not my most creative Christmas. However, I was the recipient of some very thoughtful and inspired gifts and thought I'd share a few of my favorites to wrap up the holiday season. Every year, since I was a kid, my mom bought my brother and I an ornament for Saint Nicolas day (December 6th). It's a cheerful way to kick off the holiday season and a great way to start a collection. This year she gave me a sparkly Santa which we hung on the china cabinet. Carly at @clementinestudio sent me two of her gorgeous watercol


Preparing for Christmas this year has been extra special as it's our first one in our new house. Moving from a tiny apartment in NYC to a home with outdoor space makes decorating for the holiday all the more fun; I couldn't wait to hang a giant wreath outside and string lights around the courtyard. I didn't have much in the way of Christmas decor, just a handful of ornaments. Luckily, my mom has a mini stockpile, so I was able to borrow a few things from her. As for the decor I bought, I found red velvet ribbon and battery powered string lights to be the most impactful and economical additions. You can tie red ribbon on ANYTHING to make it look more festive, and the string lights add tha


Like many brilliant moments, the idea for this DIY chandelier happened by accident. We lost a heap of branches after some rough weather, and our tulip tree dropped some of the most elegant ones. Petrified flowers, ever so delicate, fell a hundred feet from the sky and littered the lawn. The history of the tree is unknown. Standing two-hundred feet tall, four feet in diameter, it has a masterfully built tree well, and a lightning rod that may or may not work; I imagine someone truly loved it. Unable to get over the fallen branches' beauty, I knew I could make something with them. We don't have a chandelier in the kitchen, just a bare light bulb protruding from the ceiling and with our fir