And we're off! After several months of waiting, we can finally start renovating! Our renovation plans include the kitchen and the two bathrooms in the house. Today, I want to walk you through our kitchen plans. before kitchen The kitchen as is is perfectly well styled, but it's not in the best shape. The IKEA cabinets have a lot of wear, and I don't think the layout works well. My goal is to maximize the functionality of the kitchen and improve the flow. I've broken this post down by describing each wall, but it might just be easier to watch the video! SINK WALL: - Keep the sink in the same place - move the dishwasher to the right of the sink - add more windows above the sink to maximize


I've been dying to share this exciting news with you! As of last week, we're officially home owners! After searching for several months, we fell in love with a house in North Salem, NY. It's an hour outside of New York City, close to where my husband and I grew up. We're feeling both excited and anxious but most of all grateful. living room. The home is 3 br, 2 b, 1,700 sq/ft with a detached studio space located on 2.69 acres. I cannot wait to take on this project. Our initial plan is to renovate the kitchen and two bathrooms. I'll be blogging and vlogging throughout entire process, and I hope you'll follow along! living room Thank you, everyone, who reached out to us to wish us well on